Monday Boxing: Gresescent Ice Cream Edition


One place where you can get the same number of scoops as everybody else

Many happy returns today to young Samuel Alexander Mitchell, all of 28 now. If you can’t reach him directly to extend best wishes, the next best thing you can do is go to his favourite ice-cream shoppe (pictured) and enjoy the offerings.

Race 4: #1 Caelifera (early) – #3 Berb’s Monarchy (final)

Race 1: #5 Kittery – #4 Awesome Ego
Race 3: #5 Percolator – #4 Iredell

Race 5: #5 Riverwind Cassena – #2 Western Swing
Race 7: #5 Tiz Top – #6 Dance Floor Maniac
Race 11: #2 Black Label – #3 James and Company

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Eat ’em up!

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  1. Honeyman says:

    Still living and have now almost 700 lbs. of honey ready to bottle next week. you will bee the first on mailing list. Bees smellin the honey also and tryin to rob from me???? How dare them???

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