Tuesday Sniping: Mortal Jm. B. Comey Jr. Edition

Last presidential firing of FBI director: Archibald Cox, by Nixon. We know how that turned out, unless history is unimportant. Don Trump Sr. skates for now, and ’murrika always wins. Win-win-win-win-win.

What ever happened to vulnerability, apologies, not always micromanaging images and optics? Why is it always defend-and-attack, or else attack-and-defend, 24/7? Nobody is allowed to make concessions anymore, admit shortcomings? Defend-and-attack, attack-and-defend, ad nauseam. Thanks, SOcial MEdia. Thanks neverending news cycle. Thank you.

Race 3: #3 Hollywood Hallie
Race 7: #3 Total Immersion
Race 9: #8 Gee Bee
Bonkers Box (Race 7): #3 Total Immersion – #6 My Lawyer George – #5 Gerry With a G
Bonkers Box II (Race 9): #8 Gee Bee – #4 Giveemdaheater

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Take it easy sometimes, get some exercise other than 48-inch-waistline waddling on a perfectly manicured golf course. Too much micromanagement, too much optics. Take a deep breath once in a while. What are you so afraid of?

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