Tuesday Sniping: Immortal P.K. Subban Edition


Deadspin #1 always, and not just because they have Drew Magary on the roster. This is a good piece in its own right, and the last line gives all us misunderstood and manqué mopes reason to go on: ‘Subban breaks people’s brains, which is reason enough to root for him.’

As sometimes brain-breakers ourselves, we root for you, Deadspin. We root for you, P.K. Subban. Indeed, Craig Donnelly, the erstwhile handicapper for The Philalala Inkwire, used to call brain-breaking horses ‘capable but erratic’ in his daily analysis. Capable but erratic…

Not everyone can win all the time like Don Trump Sr. or Javanka Kushtrump III or Rep. Steve King, R-Ia. Yet maybe it is somehow easier to root for Subban and Cynthia Publishing Company and the rest of the guys who are ‘capable but erratic’, who are the brain-breakers, instead of the giants who are always triumphant all the time.

We hope.

Race 5: #7 Flat Leaver
Race 6: #1 Roaring Bull
Race 7: #6 Spicy Legs

Race 4: #5 Never Toomany Gems
Race 5: #7 Five Moons

Race 6: #9 Storm’s Fable
Race 7: #2 Jaimiejaimiejaimie
Bonkers Box (Race 6): #9 Storm’s Fable – #2 Jim the Beast

Race 6: #5 Peonari

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Bye-bye. Root for the brain-breakers.

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