Tuesday Sniping: Immortal Darryl Sutter Edition


Also over and out

Gone now, but he lives forever in La-La Land. Just like Chollie Manuel in Philalala and Marisa Tomei in Hollywood: not all-time greats, but historic nonetheless, with accomplishments that can’t be Trumped O’Reillyed Spicered denied. Good work.

Wenger next. It’s like the end of the original PBS-aired British version of House of Cards, called The Final Cut, in which Urquhart glories in becoming the longest-serving PM but then is assassinated a few moments later in a backroom plot orchestrated by his wife. Wenger next, but Wenger too will live forever. Wenger, Sutter, Chollie, Marisa. Stuff can’t be Trumped O’Reillyed Spicered denied. Facts is facts. You could look it up.

Race 6: #7 Mr. Unanonymous
Race 8: #3 Big Family
Race 9: #1 Go Heat
Bonkers Box (Race 9): #1 Go Heat – #4 White Lace Lady

Race 2: #2 Sultanofswing
Race 7: #5 Save the Bet
Race 9: #7 Snowcone Bob
Race 10: #6 Royal Cha Cha
Bonkers Box (Race 9): #7 Snowcone Bob – #10 Broken Line

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Do something for the record-books for yourself.

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