Tuesday Sniping: Cleanse Our Souls Edition

If you’ve seen The Purge: Anarchy, you know the line. ‘Blessed be America…a nation reborn’. Unemployment is nonexistent, as is reported violent crime, and prosperity reigns. It is true Malthusian wish-fulfillment!

How is this possible? Is it war, famine, ecological disaster? Nope. It is the citizens unleashing upon each other their natural tendency toward violence and killing; in other words, a little bit of accelerated, unnatural selection.

Except that in the sequel, the government (!) starts supplementing the purging, and goes on the hunt. What once was a wholly private enterprise becomes partially state-run. So it turns out that not even the rightwinging New Founding Fathers could place their full faith in the invisible hand of the purging market! Cazart!

Also in the movie, there’s a line that pretty much goes, as uttered by a drunk purger wobbling on a rooftop with a semiautomatic weapon, ‘I AM THE RIGHT ARM OF THE FREE MARKET, and the left hand of G-d.’ No need for Allah or Shiva or any other deity of destruction or even Darwin to curb humanity’s overgrowth. Oh, no. We’ll take matters into our own hands.


Hoo-boy. All in all, a fine entertainment. Three-and-a-half horseshoes out of five.

Race 8: #2 Lexi On the Cover
Race 9: #9 Winning Pal

Race 2: #2 Fighting Sarge

Race 6: #9 My Nana Anna
Race 7: #6 Megnog
Bonkers Box (Race 6): #9 My Nana Anna – #12 Pew – #3 Phillyphillyphilly
Bonkers Box II (Race 7): #6 Megnog – #4 Allure

Race 1: #8 Admiral Erv
Race 5: #7 Thirty Eight Plus
Race 9: #7 Docktor Demented

Race 9: #7 Trick My Hat

Race 1: #8 Evil Doer
Race 4: #8 Trouble X Two
Race 6: #1 Brat
Bonkers Box (Race 1): #8 Evil Doer – #3 Kelly Rock – #4 Photo Shoot

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Drive safely.

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