Monday Boxing: Inclement Weather Edition

No good, Swampatoga, Swampfolk, Delaswamp Park. Then again, at least it rains out there by you!

Race 5: #2 Tetherball (early) – #3 Golden Rule (final)

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. So long now.

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3 Responses to Monday Boxing: Inclement Weather Edition

  1. halocheffer123 says:

    yes yes yes..gota love that sftwr AIO as again the last race at the swamp a toga.
    and again the #8 wins and pays $58.50 w/ a $10.00 bet tyvm. and a share of

  2. thetrackisfast says:

    I like AIO, but that Tea Time at SAR on Sat race #9 was one very bad pick. Never in contention early, middle, or late. Never…..kinda reminds me of the AIO pick when it had Rachel 3rd in the Preakness.

  3. halocheffer123 says:

    hey trackisfast how ya been? i did bet the #9 in the dime a day. but have had a few winners. cold last couple days. can’t hit water if i fell out of a boat.

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